Hi, my name is?

Hi, my name is?


So far, I have never written a blog, and my writing skills at school has never been so advanced ;p, so I apologize for they 🙂

Casual I’m programmer who working in languages ​​such as CSS3, HTML5, PHP5, JS, XML, SQL.

Just me :)I will try from time to time to throw some useful programming tricks. Quick lifehack features. Anyone who was trying to learn programming any applications, not once in his life was encountered, or will encounter a lot simple problems. The hours spent on the forums, thousands of tips, will end very simple and trivial solution … i want to make your life easier for you 🙂

My experience in programming web applications is quite large. At this time, I have 12 years of experience, including seven years running my own advertising agency. I encourage you to write the questions, that you are looking for answers, maybe I can help 🙂