Finally available for the world :) !

Finally available for the world :) !

Recently, I was forced to expand my professional horizons outside the border of my country. 
According to the taste and a financial situation of people here, noone can earn decent money. The biggest determinant for clients in Poland is the price. Quality takes the second place. When I see over the web titles of adverts like „We looking for professional coder! We expect hight quality! Our budget: 500 zł ( 119,33 € ) it makes me smile ironically…

Fortunately, my best friend (graphic designer, MDG co-owner), took me out from this misery. He started to present his works on website called Behance. He almost immediately got a few big projects to deal with. Thanks to that I got also website orders.  Thank you Sebastian! 🙂

But this situation revealed a few very serious issues, for example my very basic level of English…  🙂
I had to write a website creative brief… Normally, I would have to translate it to english by myself… but it would take a whole week! Thankfully Sebastian took care of this and he translated it for me 🙂

If you have any questions or requests, just email me. I can send you this brief if you like to inspire yourself or if you want to give me any coding job.



Link for Sebastian’s Behance: