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Featured on the main gallery of Behance!

We couldn’t imagine better start in 2017 than getting featured on the main gallery of Behance! Credits goes to our Fivecell Architects web development.

Check it out here:

Have a happy and prosperous New Year to all!

Featured on Best Website Inspiration – December 2016!

Best Website – December 2016 is a collection of all the best website inspiration and also Web Designs produced in December 2016.
Segundo Piso Website – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Welcome to Segundo Piso.

First of all, this online shop is perfect for all of those who are concerned with their wardrobes, fashionistas and also fashionistos of the Antilles-Guyana. Do you like the designer pieces of the Parisian, Italian or even ethnic hype? Segundo Piso will become your new HQ, your shopping partner with exclusive ready-to-wear brands. We want to bring you a local customer service, an expedition in 48 hours, prices made without taxes and even soon prices of metropolises.

Agency: SB-Brands
Designers: Lukasz DrodzdzSebastian Bednarek
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IdN Magazine Feature

My work was featured on newest IdN magazine!

IdN (International designers’ Network) is an international publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community. It is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another. It has truly become what the initials of its title proclaim it to be — an international designers’ network.



Cheap Web Hosting with High Quality from Scala Hosting

For my latest project I had to use Magento 2.1. This platform needs very high demands of server, These kind of web hosting are not cheap. I was looking for a compromise between price and quality and i found! Scala Hosting provides cheap web hosting plans from almost 10 years. I’ve been a customer with them for 2 months and I am happy with the service provided so far. If you are looking for a cheap web hosting plan check them.

Special thanks for George (Director of Support Operations) from Scala Hosting support.

The new implementation – Telsat TV

TelsatTV ranks as one of the best regional cable TV providers primarily due to its variety packages and channels. TelsatTv offers five different TV packages, ranging from a basic 10-channel plan all the way up to a premier level plan with over 200 channels. The best value plans are the mid-level options, though every plan comes with a special introductory rate.

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Quick tip to duplicate big folder on FTP Server in few seconds!

Sometimes, our clients come back to us and ask for duplicate his application on ftp server. After few month or years, photos and other media files on his web application grows up to large sizes. In typical way, we download files and after that upload to other folder, this will takes a lot of hours. I will show you quick tip, how do this in few seconds! Continue Reading

How to use matrix in programming – matrix transpose in PHP.

In last time, one of my regular clients ordered dedicated application to count prices of his products. He is producer of animals accessories so his offer is very large. For today, He has about 3 500 products.

When prices of ingredients will change, He must recount the prices of all products by hand, what is very problematic. That’s why he asked me to create an application to automation of this process. I will not elaborate here all details of creating process. I will describe one of the problems what I met during writing application.

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Finally available for the world :) !

Recently, I was forced to expand my professional horizons outside the border of my country. 
According to the taste and a financial situation of people here, noone can earn decent money. The biggest determinant for clients in Poland is the price. Quality takes the second place. When I see over the web titles of adverts like „We looking for professional coder! We expect hight quality! Our budget: 500 zł ( 119,33 € ) it makes me smile ironically… Continue Reading

Why are you so serious? :)

Some developers when have a problem think: “Now I know! I will use regular expressions!” … and then have now two problems 😀

Hi, my name is?


So far, I have never written a blog, and my writing skills at school has never been so advanced ;p, so I apologize for they 🙂

Casual I’m programmer who working in languages ​​such as CSS3, HTML5, PHP5, JS, XML, SQL.

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